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Car Rental Byron Bay Downtown

Set to the soundtrack of waves gently lapping its golden shores, Byron Bay is a sun-soaked beachside resort town on the eastern coast of Australia.

Home to its Indigenous inhabitants for more than 20,000 years, the area was originally called Cavvanbah, meaning ‘meeting place’. It wasn’t until 1770 on his infamous voyage that Captain James Cook ‘discovered’ the cape and renamed it in honour of fellow Navy Officer John Byron.

With the aforementioned history coupled with its idyllic surroundings, Byron has a rich past and stunning scenery that’s just waiting to be uncovered. Offering something for everyone, the best way to navigate its dreamy sands is undoubtedly with a hire car.

In the modern-day, Byron Bay is a buzzing coastal community that’s home to around 10,000 people, with the greater Byron region adding another 25,000. Regardless of its relatively small population, the town attracts an astounding 2 million visitors per year! Don’t get caught in the tourist trap - hire a car.

The Byron Way

Some of the many experiences to be undertaken in Byron and its surroundings revolve around its natural scenery. Take your hire car to the coast and take a snorkelling tour with the Byron Bay Dive Centre at Julian Rock Marine Reserve. They’ll equip you with all the necessary gear, give you a brief snorkelling how-to and help you discover the subaquatic world. Watch in awe as you see a huge variety of wildlife, from Sea Turtles to Manta Rays, multiple fish and bird species and everything in between.

If you find yourself in Byron during the Aussie winter, between June - August, the surf is generally favourable than other times during the year. Surfing has been embedded in the culture at Byron for decades, ever since a slew of surfers seeking the perfect swell called Byron home in the sixties. Multiple companies offer surfing excursions which include the hire of both a board and wetsuit, guidance on how to catch the swells, and advice on when to strike.

When you’re ready to wave goodbye to the mighty Pacific, take your hire car back to your accommodation and get ready for the night. 

For a small town, Byron has nightlife to rival its daytime prowess. From fine dining to clubs, pubs and bars, there’s a plethora of options when hitting the town. Many of these establishments are beachside or very close, giving you the opportunity to finish the night with a beachside stroll. 

Nimbin there, done that

If you’re after an experience above sea level, there's a bounty of both historic and alternative day trips to embark upon. Byron Bay’s modern-day residents have a reputation for being some of the most free-spirited down under, a reputation established in the sixties and seventies after the region hosted the Aquarius Festival and erupted onto the world stage. The festival was held in Nimbin, a bucolic village around 70 kilometres west of Byron, a mere stroll in the park for your hire car.

Visiting Nimbin is an absolute must when in this region of New South Wales. The holistic and carefree feel of the town will leave you feeling a little more connected to the land and its people. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture is to attend the Nimbin Markets, held on every fourth and fifth Sunday of the month. With the scent of incense wafting through the warm air, peruse everything from artisanal culinary delights, arts and crafts stalls to fresh local produce. 

Towards the end of the day, hop in your hire car and take a drive to the Nimbin Rocks. These rocks are of huge cultural importance to the indigenous Bundjalung people, being the ancient initiation grounds for young men to take a rite of passage. These towering volcanic rocks dramatically protrude from the ground and make for a fantastic photo opportunity around sunset. 

This region of New South Wales has all the trappings of a tourist hotspot, yet harbours integrity in preserving its culture. Perhaps no other place in the country will give you an experience quite like you’ll encounter at Byron Bay.

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