Broome Airport








Where is the branch located?

Located left just outside of the arrival terminals at Broome International Airport. 

Broome Airport Information

Park your vehicle in the car rental car park and put the key in the drop box on the right side of the kiosk.

If returning your vehicle outside of business hours simply park in the car rental carpark lock the car and place keys in drop box on the right-hand side of the kiosk.

Not available at this location.

If you are running late and you won't be able to collect your rental car at the allocated time, it is important to get in touch with the branch you are collecting from so that we can make alternate arrangements. If you have arrived at the branch and it is closed and if you haven't made prior arrangements for an after-hours collection you will need to pick-up your rental car the following day. Please contact our branches during business hours to arrange an alternative pick-up time.

Car Rental Broome Airport

Broome, situated 1,681 kilometres north of Perth, is the largest town in Western Australia’s tropical Kimberly region. 

Known for its pristine beaches and marvellous natural phenomena, the curious mind is spoilt for choice when it comes to experiences in WA’s charming northern peninsula. 

Follow in the footsteps of our ancient predecessors along the dinosaur trackways; traverse Cable Beach by guided camel back; or get up close and personal with the finest pearls in the world. Whatever you choose, be sure to reserve a hire car, you’re going to want your own legs for this trip. 

Leave your mark in Broome, all you need is a hire car 

Few know this, however, thanks to our pristine oceanic conditions, Australia is home to the world’s finest pearls - the most revered of which is the South Sea Pearl. Found almost exclusively along Western Australia’s tropical north coast, the South Sea Pearl is the result of an astonishingly intricate process whereby an oyster covers their spherical nucleus with what’s known as ‘nacre’, a thick substance that produces a striking pearlescent finish. 

Visitors come from all over to discover the fascinating history of Broome’s prolific pearling industry, touring the farms along the coastline by boat, helicopter or hire car. Cygnet Bay plays host to one of the country’s oldest pearling companies. Here, visitors are welcome to observe a pearl being harvested, view the world’s largest fine quality round pearl, or stop to taste some of the freshest oysters found in Australia. 

If that doesn’t satisfy your tastebuds, the Cable Beach food and craft market sure will. From June to September, take to the Thursday night markets to experience the best that the Broome’s foodie scene has to offer, including, of course, some of the country’s freshest seafood. Held at Town Beach Reserve, a hire car from Broome’s centre will get you to the night market in just 6 short minutes. Alternatively, take the scenic route by foot along the waterfront if the weather is fine. 

It’s not just great food, colourful stalls, and live music that attract visitors to the Cable Beach night market. What really fascinates patrons is the natural phenomenon that befalls the horizon line. Observed only in Broome from April to October, the rising of the full moon reflected over the low tide creates a captivating optical illusion of a golden staircase to the moon - and is titled as such. Picture yourself perched on the grass with a woodfire pizza in hand as you observe this stunning natural wonder to the sounds of live music and cheerful chatter. 

The adventure doesn’t stop there...

If the night markets or Staircase to the Moon didn't sell you on Cable Beach, can we tempt you into a sunset beach tour atop a camel? Herds of these curious creatures are no uncommon sight to the locals of Broome and surrounds, and for the more daring adventure seekers, there’s no better way to soak up the beauty of Western Australia’s pristine northern coastline. With three operators to choose from: Red Sun Camels, Broome Camel Safaris, and Sundowner Camel Tours, don’t miss out on experiencing one of Broome’s most unforgettable encounters. 

Lastly, no trip to Broome would be complete without a guided tour of Broome’s Dinosaur trackways. Often regarded as the most significant in the world, Broome’s Gantheaume Point and James Price Point are littered with real dinosaur footprints left almost 130 million years ago. These tracks are made up of prints from as many as seven different species from the Cretaceous period, including the popularly recognised Stegosaurus. Gantheaume Point is just a 12-minute drive by hire car from Broome Airport and central, meaning there really is no excuse to leave this geographical wonder off your itinerary. 

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