Australian driving trip tips

One of the most popular ways to see Australia is by road. The road trips in this country are nothing short of spectacular, with the best combination of the beach and the bush gracing many destinations and locations throughout. If the desert is what you’re after, we have that too! The Red Centre is a favourite amongst many who travel to Australia each year. But, as fun and exciting as these road trips are, you have to be prepared. The Australian landscape can be unforgiving, with scorching temperatures, long distances, and remote locations at points in all types of driving experiences. If you’re looking to take to the Australian roads anytime soon, we recommend you read ahead, for our best Australian driving trip tips.

Plan Your Route

This is one of the most exciting parts of planning a trip to Australia. Your route can be as varied and long as you like, taking in the scenes, the detours, the rest stops, and so much more. We recommend planning this ahead of time though, so you can look at where you want to go, how you get there, and what stops you need to take along the way. While you can plan this minimally, like simply recording the various destinations you want to get to, we also recommend looking at things like rest stops, fuel stops, potential night stops, etc. This is because Australian roads are long and varied, and if you’re in a remote location, it can be hundreds of kilometres in between towns. So, you need to be prepared and plan ahead. 

Drive Mostly in the Daylight

While we know watching the sunset and sunrise is a fun idea while road tripping in Australia, we have to advise caution with both of these activities. Australian roads are notoriously more dangerous at sunset, sunrise, and during the nighttime. This is due to the Aussie wildlife, with kangaroos being attracted to the lights and destroying cars by jumping in the way. 

Person adjusting their car mirror.
Get Comfy with Your Car

Your car is going to be your best friend over the course of the next few weeks or months. Knowing your vehicle, understanding how the different warning lights work, and knowing how to change oil, water, and even tyres, are a necessity. You never know when your car might need a helping hand, so if you can, learn some basic mechanics ahead of time. Obviously, this might not work for everyone, but we also recommend going for a test drive before you hit the actual road trip. This way you can make sure you know how to drive your car before you go on the long stretches. 

Get Insurance with Roadside Assistance

We hope that your road trip goes the entire duration without any hiccups. But, if it doesn’t, make sure that you invest in our protection products. It’s worth paying premium prices for this because there is nothing worse than having a hiccup in the Aussie desert with no help. Trust us. 

Learn How to Read A Map

We love GPS, however, sometimes the signal in the Australian Outback is so bad that GPS doesn’t work to the best of its ability. While apps like Apple Maps and Google Maps have been a great addition for travellers worldwide, we also do recommend you learn how to read a map. Or, at least, pre-save and download your GPS map ahead of time. GPS units are also available to purchase as an optional extra.  

Be Respectful

The Australian landscape is mesmerising, beautiful, and in many places culturally significant. Be respectful to the local laws and traditions, as well as any other environmental factors in place. Leave nothing but footprints and take only photos. 

Pack Water

Australian summers are hot. No matter how hydrated you think you are, it’s always worth getting in some extra H20 wherever you can. Pack plenty of water, and fill up your water bottles/cans wherever there’s drinking water. We also recommend carrying spares in your boot, just in case.

We hope you have the best time exploring this beautiful country! But, in some instances, it can be a hard place to travel and thrive, particularly in the middle of nowhere. There is no such thing as being over-prepared. But, the most important tip of all is to have a blast. Wherever you go, you’re going to have a lot of fun. 

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